Provillus Results Over Time

During the past 24 months, Provillus has been in the limelight. It seems to have developed a love, hate following. This is one of many reviews on Provillus that you find all over the internet, but this will be an honest and objective review backed by facts, so let’s move on…

There appears to be a split consensus; some think it’s wonderful, some think it’s detestable and a few websites make flagrant claims regarding the effectiveness of Provillus along with other natural treatments for hair loss.

But what are the real Provillus results over time? Because of the discrepancy surrounding Provillus, I decided to make a purchase and have been using it during the past 12 months. Following is my objective and truthful review and my experience during my use of Provillus.

What is Provillus?

The claim surrounding Provillus is that it is the market’s most superior hair loss treatment. But, as with any type of natural product, it is possible that it will be ineffective in your case.

No product is always 100 percent effective for 100 percent of the people – the genetic make-up of each individual is so varied that it’s difficult to develop a perfect or all-inclusive health product! And that’s the truth!

What Complications May Arise While Using Provillus?

1) Waiting time may be as long as six months: While this is possible, my hair loss began to slow down within the first two to three months and my exposed area started to see new hair developing.

But, some individuals may have to wait six months before they are able to see an obvious change. My guess would be that your overall health, genetics and the time you begin to use Provillus for women are all pertinent factors.

2) Doesn’t work 100 percent of the time: Now that I’ve made that statement; you may find that you’ve had little to no success with Provillus. This is always a possibility.

Look, there isn’t a treatment on earth, regardless of how cutting edge it may be, that will work for every individual all the time. There are just too many differences in our make-up for the existence of a flawless cure!

3) Potential side-effects: While the indication is that there are no adverse side-effects produced by Provillus, there are occasions when individuals fail to follow the directions and even double up or take a triple dose. They erroneously believe this will accelerate the process.

Doing this is NOT RECOMMENDED – Provillus has the potential of creating a number of symptoms which might include a scalp that becomes overly dry and somewhat itchy or such severe conditions like dizziness or chest pain.

So, as long as you follow the directions and instructions, it is doubtful you will be affected by side effects, except, of course,  if you have an allergic reaction to a component of Provillus.

Why I Decided to Purchase Provillus

The reasons I joined the large numbers of Provillus users who suffer from hair loss are numerous:

1) Holistic, safe and inexpensive alternative: To begin with, products treating hair loss, such as Provillus, are the simplest and least expensive option.

If you think about it, hair pieces or customized wigs often cost hundreds of dollars; transplant surgery typically runs around $10,000, is not included in your health coverage and is a prolonged and painful process.

2) Trustworthy, high caliber components: Provillus is included among a few scarce products which treat hair loss that include both Minoxidil and Azelaic Acid.

3) Both males and females have their own formula: As a scientifically formulated product, Provillus was developed to consider the hormones of both male and female.

So, one formula is geared toward men and one toward women. With two separate formulas, Provillus is safe for both genders and gives the specific user a better shot at success.

4) 90-day money-back guarantee: Provillus is the product of a reputable company. They are not going to disappear overnight with your hard earned cash. They believe in what they are doing and helping as many individuals with their hair loss is their primary goal.

5) Discreet, order online: Most individuals who suffer from hair loss (myself included) are somewhat embarrassed about our receding hairline or bald spot. We really have no interest in advertising the fact that we are trying a product to alleviate the situation.

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