Is Provillus 100% Natural?

Provillus NaturalHair loss problems truly affect our self-esteem in a negative way. Men and women alike may suffer from this predicament.

I myself have not been exempted and I do everything to hide my bald spot from sporting a hat, setting my hair over the receding area, and making sure it was not blown over.

The most distressing part is that no matter how hard I try to conceal it, it will surely show. It even makes me look older! In many Provillus, you will find the answer.

To address my growing concern about hair loss, I consulted with a general practitioner.  He enlightened me about the probable causes of this problem among men and women.

Though genetics and hormones play a major role, hair loss can also be attributed to a number of factors: poor health, improper hygiene, and stress. Mine was genetic. It runs in our family. So, although I guard myself against stress and maintain a healthy diet, it would be inevitable for me.

My physician gave me several options

First, I could keep my hair short so that my receding hair would not be noticeable. Second, he advised me to get a hair implant which I am not willing to undergo because it is way too costly and risky for me.

Third, I may opt to buy a wig or a hairpiece but this would just further aggravate my hair loss problem. Lastly, he mentioned the use of a natural hair solution, which appeals to me the most.

So, I search through the market to find the natural hair remedies that I need. I found jojoba oil, nettle, sage, rosemary, and burdock root. I used them regularly to massage my scalp and rejuvenate my hair follicles to stimulate new hair growth. I also washed my hair with these pure natural ingredients.

Provillus: Organic materials and natural oils

Provillus Natural TreatmentThat is what I did for six months on a regular basis. Then I checked to see if my efforts paid off. To my dismay, it did not. There have been no changes at all. What I have gained is a collection of organic materials and natural oils, so buy Provillus.

I also unconsciously spent much if you will sum up their prices. Furthermore, I even developed an aversion to these products. I have probably grown weary in smelling the same scents every day. Those concoctions and applications have also been time-consuming!

Thus, to end my worthless effort, I finally made a decision to look for other viable options. That’s when I came across when I was looking where to buy Provillus.

It is a natural hair growth supplement which is steadily gaining popularity in the market. With so many good reviews I read about it, I gave it a shot. So far, I’ve no regrets. The product truly works wonders!

Provillus directly deals with the root cause of hair loss

I found out that we have bodily enzymes responsible for changing testosterone in men to DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This DHT which does the harm in our hair follicles is thwarted by Provillus.

With its two active components minoxidil and azelaic acid, this product triggers hair regrowth.  Only a few products in the same category contain these two natural ingredients approved by the FDA and Provillus is one of them.

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