Provillus Review: Is it the Best Hair Regrowth Treatment Ever or Maybe is All Just Hype?

Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment ReviewsJanuary 6, 2019

Provillus is well known as the BEST Hair Regrowth System on the market, but is ALL this fame and popularity based on REAL FACTS? Does it really work? After my extensive research, I finally got the answers…

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Otherwise, let’s move on…


  • What is Provillus?
  • How is Provillus Different from Other Hair Loss Products?
  • Hair Loss Solutions Video (Courtesy of Mojo)
  • Ingredients Used in the Provillus System
  • How Does Provillus Work?
  • How Effective is Provillus?
  • Does Provillus Really Work?
  • Is Provillus a Scam?
  • Benefits of Provillus?
  • Advantages / Disadvantages of Using Provillus
  • What Are the Negative Side Effects of Provillus?
  • Precautions When Using Provillus
  • Provillus Trials, Research & Clinical Studies
  • How to Use Provillus to Get the Best Results
  • How Long Will it Take Before I See Results?
  • Is There Proof / Testimonials From Real Provillus Users?
  • Conclusion: My Take on Provillus
  • Where to Buy Provillus?
  • Don’t Buy Provillus Until You See This
  • Why You Should Avoid Buying Supplements from Amazon

Let’s get started…

What is Provillus?

Provillus is a completely natural hair growth product. It is available in two forms: Provillus for men and Provillus for Men & Provillus for WomenProvillus for women. It helps you prevent hair loss. (read more)

Additionally, this supplement also brings back dead follicles to life. Provillus helps you treat baldness by offering essential nutrients to your hair.

It is a potent combination of effective minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Provillus also includes Minoxidil, an FDA certified ingredient. (read more)


As mentioned earlier, Provillus contains 100% natural ingredients.

This supplement works from both fronts. It stops your hair loss and makes your dead hair follicles regrow.

Provillus is available for both men and women. Only a few such products are available out there.

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Ingredients Inside Provillus

Provillus consists of extracts of several roots and leaves as well as minerals and nutrients. These ingredients are mixed in the right proportions to produce a potent blend.

Natural Ingredients Inside Provillus


  • Vitamin B6
  • Biotin
  • Magnesium
  • Horsetail Silica
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid
  • Zinc
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Muira Puama
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Pumpkin Extract
  • Minoxidil


Vitamin B6: An important vitamin that is necessary for many body functions. It also reduces blood pressure and increases hair growth.
Biotin: A vitamin that stimulates the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.
Magnesium: A mineral that helps your hair grow and stay healthy. It works in combination with Calcium.
Horsetail Silica: This mineral improves the condition of skin, nails, and hair.
Para-aminobenzoic acid: A natural compound that stimulates the absorption of UV rays. Additionally, it prevents graying hair.
Zinc: It’s a mineral that improves cell multiplication. It also regulates hormone levels.
Saw Palmetto: Improves the health of your hair. It also keeps your hormone levels in check.
Muira Puama: This plant extract regulates hormone production. It also prevents hair shedding.
Eleuthero Root: Promotes follicle development and relieves stress. A natural agent of healthier digestion.
Stinging Nettle: It controls the production of DHT hormone. (read more)
Pumpkin Extract: Helps in the production of new hair strands. It also inhibits follicle shrinkage as well.
Minoxidil: A potent ingredient that combats the root cause of baldness and genetic hair loss.

How Does Provillus Work?

Provillus does two things precisely: it helps you stop hair loss and assists in the growth of dead follicles.

Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men

This supplement contains efficient ingredients that drive hair growth. This product works in three elaborate steps.

  • Provides Essential Elements – The first step is providing essential elements such as magnesium, B6, zinc, and several others.
  • Nourishes & Stimulates Protein production – After nourishing your hair follicles, Provillus stimulates the production of Keratin, the proteins that make up your hair.
  • Promotes Hair Growth – The third step is to promote hair growth. Minoxidil enhances this process by regulating DHT levels.

How Effective is Provillus?

The effectiveness of any hair growth product depends on two main factors:

  1. Combination of right ingredients
  2.  The State of the Art Production Process

Provillus consists of natural and clinically tested ingredients. They are already proven agents of hair growth.

This product contains minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Each of them has separate responsibilities yet work towards a common goal.

The active ingredient of Provillus, Minoxidil, works by inhibiting DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that causes hair to fall out.


The way this system works is interesting, it nurtures your hair by providing necessary nutrients and vitamins. Then, it stops the production of hormones that cause hair loss and baldness.

After strengthening the existing hair follicles, it promotes the growth of new hair strands.

Thus, Provillus stops hair fall and starts development of new hair. Truth be told, I’m impressed with the way this product tackles the full hair loss and regrowth cycle.

Does It Really Work?

In short, yes it does! However, we understand that, as a consumer, you may feel skeptical about a product.

Here is why I think it actually works:

A study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology concluded that minoxidil is a proven contributor to hair growth.

Every ingredient in Provillus has been tested in various clinical tests. These tests results offer positive feedback about these ingredients.

In addition to these reasons, there has been a multitude of positive Provillus reviews online.

So yes, Provillus does work due to the right combination of ingredients and powerful working mechanism.

Is Provillus a Scam?

Provillus is anything but a scam. You may ask why, so here’s why Provillus is not a scam:

  • The manufacturer of this supplement offers a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with this product, you can claim a refund.
  • Hundreds of positive Provillus reviews across the internet.
  • Ultra Herbal, the manufacturer of this product, is a well-known company.
  • Only natural ingredients are used, which includes an FDA approved component.
  • Provillus has been around since 2002.

Moreover, I couldn’t find a single Provillus review labeling this supplement as a scam.

Benefits of Provillus?

Well, the obvious benefit of Provillus is that it prevents hair loss. It also helps you regrow your hair.

Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women

This hair supplement helps you maintain healthy hair as well. Here’s a brief look at the advantages & disadvantages of Provillus:


  • No usage of artificial ingredients, which offers little to no side effects.
  • Helps you grow back your dormant hair follicles.
  • Easy to use without any expert knowledge.
  • No need for a prescription.
  • Helps you block 5-alpha reductase, compounds that cause hair loss. (read more)
  • Available for both men and women.


  • You can’t buy this supplement in retail stores.
  • In order to keep the benefits of Provillus, you need to keep using it.
  • No free trial available.

What Are the Negative Side Effects of Provillus?

We have found no information about side effects on the Provillus official website. So, I’ve done a thorough search and found out the following:

  • Provillus tablets can cause a mild stomach ache. (Not harmful)
  • Limbs might swell in the initial period of treatment. (Not harmful)
  • You may also gain some weight while taking Provillus. (Not harmful)
  • Your vision can get blurry. Even though it rarely happens, it needs to be mention so you know that is something that may happen.

What are the Precautions When Using Provillus?

Provillus is a fairly safe hair growth supplement. But, you need to follow certain precautions to avoid any mishaps.

  1. Never take more than the suggested dosage.
  2. Consult a physician and seek their advice if you’re pregnant.
  3. If you are treating medical conditions with other drugs, talk to your physician before using Provillus.

Trials, Research & Clinical Studies


The results of the use of topical minoxidil 5 percent were published in this journal.

It was concluded by researchers that the use of minoxidil 5 percent had better results than minoxidil 2 percent. This studied was conducted with a placebo where men with male baldness strived to regrow their hair.

Clinical & University Trials - Provillus Reviews

The men that used Provillus with the active ingredient minoxidil 5 percent had their hair regrow faster than men with the placebo.

The trial showed that people who wanted to use the 5 percent were impressed. No men reported side effects.


This study was conducted on men of Japanese descent. The results were published in this journal. It was reported that the minoxidil 5 percent in Provillus was 10 times more effective than the 2 percent version.

How to Use Provillus to Get the Best Results

When you buy Provillus, you get dietary pills and topical lotion.

You need to take two pills a day. The best time to consume the pills is during your meals.

You should apply the lotion to any bald spots regularly. You can do it either in a spray form or a dropper form.

How Long Will it Take Before I See Results from Using Provillus?

Hair needs a month for every 0.5 inches of growth. So, if you’re expecting rapid hair growth, please hold your horses.

With proper consumption of Provillus, you can expect strong hair strands in 2 months. In 5-6 months, you will notice a substantial drop in hair loss.

The results may vary from person to person. To ensure the proper outcome, use the supplement as per the instructions.

Testimonials from Real Provillus Users

I spend a great deal of time searching the internet to see if I could find reviews from people that have positive results from using Provillus. I was looking for other sources besides the company’s website. I found a lot of positive feedback from users about his product.

Provillus Review: Before and After Images

I also found in my research that people stay with this product. This tells me that it is high quality and really does work.

Loading Quotes...

I read the reviews on Provillus and it was hard to find people that did not have anything nice to say about this product. I did find people that wanted to see quicker results, but they did say that they still saw the benefits of this product.


Conclusion: My Take on Provillus

Provillus is an efficient hair growth supplement that stops hair loss. It also increases the growth of new hair.

Baldness is a severe problem for both men and women. It diminishes your confidence, spoils your appearance, and also leads to sadness.

Without proper care, this problem grows further until it becomes too difficult to handle.

Provillus doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. You can feel safe while using it.

It can be applied to any area of the body suffering hair loss.

An FDA approved element is used in the production, making it a potent supplement.

Is Provillus Right For You?

If you’re fed up with your hair loss and want to do something about it, give this a try. Since it treats baldness and promotes the growth of hair follicles, I recommend this product.

Please give it a couple of months before expecting results. No hair supplement offers instant growth.

How Can You Be Sure if Provillus Will Work for You?

The inclusion of minoxidil itself is a major reason why this product works.

The manufacturer must be doing something with Provillus. They wouldn’t stay in the market for 16 years with a poor product.

Furthermore, there’s a 90-day cash-back guarantee if you don’t see results. No company offers a guarantee if it lacks confidence in their product.

Where to Buy Provillus?

Unfortunately, Provillus is only available online. This may be an advantage for the user because this avoids the possibilities or counterfeits or imitations. This is, assuming that you know the right place to buy online.

You should only but Provillus from the Manufacture Provillus Website, it is that simple. It is safe, they always have the best price (obviously), they often have promotions and discounts, and you always get the money-back guarantee that only the official site can provide. Here is the link: Provillus Official Website.


First: There are a number of websites that sell Provillus but MOST of these sites are selling imitations. Most of these are fakes. If you’re not careful you may end up buying a fake Provillus system.

IMPORTANT: If you only learn one thing from this post, learn this: ONLY buy
Provillus from the manufacturer’s site to make sure you do not get scammed.
As I said before, this is the only way to guarantee you will get the real
Provillus that has the ingredients approved by the FDA to be safe to use.

At this time they are offering a great promotion as well. They are offering two free bottles when you select a certain plan. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

See the image below? That’s how the official website looks, when you get there you’ll see you are in the right place.

Where to Buy Provillus: in the Official Website



This is one of the reasons why I advise you not to purchase anything until you have read this entire article.

You need to be very careful when making purchases online on Amazon. Do not purchase vitamins or other supplements on Amazon.

While Amazon sells a lot of great stuff you need to be careful of fake products o this site.

Amazon does not market Natural Health Products including vitamins. They use a third party service to sell and ship these types of products.

This leads to many vendors selling fake or low-quality products and those that use drop shipping practices.

NOTE: This is called Fulfillment by Amazon. You are not purchasing the product
from Amazon but rather a third party vendor. Amazon is not responsible
for the quality of the product that you have purchased.

In some cases, you may be able to return the product. More than likely, you will not know the product was a fake until you have used the entire bottle. You cannot return it at this point and then realized that you have been scammed.

Anyone can sell goods on Amazon and there are been reports of people selling fake products on this site.

There have also been several reports of vendors using different tricks to get fake reviews on Amazon. These reviews may look like they are authentic cause they appear as (Verified Purchased) but trust me, most are not.

Seller may list products and have friends or family members buying the products and leaving positive reviews of the product acting like they are real customers. They will be posted like “Verified Purchase” reviews but they are far from real.

Now you know this, so it is clearly wise to purchase from the manufacturer’s site. You know that you are getting an authentic product that you can trust. This is the best eay to avoid bein riped off online.

For safety reasons, we recommend buying Provilus from the Official Website. This company has been in business for the past 20 years. They also offer a money back guarantee on their products.

Purchasing the product from the official website is the smart choice. Other sites will not give you a 100 percent money back guarantee.

There are some good deals that are happening on the official website so it is worth the time to check them out. You will know that you are getting an authentic product and will be able to determine its effectiveness of your own.


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Is This Highly Popular Hair Loss Product As Effective As Most People Say It Is?

Here is My Real Life-Changing Story: My name is Jeremy, I’m an active blogger and I write just about anything I could think of: fiction, real-life experiences, political ideas etc… Grammar and spelling mistakes are included for free =)

Jeremy - Provillus UserNow I wanted to write something about my hair loss problem but was afraid to share my experience until now, Understand that I don’t work for Provillus and I’m not affiliated with Provillus in any way, so here is my Provillus review

…it is about a hair loss problem I always had, so if you plan to buy Provillus, read on… The reason why I was hesitant to write about it before was that I didn’t want to share a piece of me and at the end to be laughed at; thank God Provillus changed that…

The Reason I decided to speak about Provillus

But because of the results that I am seeing after Provillus, I would like to share with you my own testimony, what happened to me and my hair and probably you could also benefit from my Provillus reviews…

Our hair defines our face and without it, some people feel incomplete or ashamed.

…It definitely changes how you are perceived by other people. People try lots of different products to keep their hair healthy and a significant majority of our population wage war against hair loss, but that was, obviously before Provillus…

And, just so you know, they have Provillus for women and Provillus for men each one using a similar, but a special formula…

Anyway, I was about 20 when it all started and when most guys of my age were living a carefree life, hanging out with their friends and girlfriends…

.My problem started when I was about 22, guys my age were enjoying their life meeting ladies and I was unable to do the same because of my receding hairline and thinning hair.

Social gatherings were a nightmare for me and finding a girl proved difficult because let’s admit it, girls wouldn’t go out with a balding guy like me.

Because of this, I spent a fortune searching for a solution to my hair loss problem. I tried pills, shampoo, and creams but to no avail. I was losing hair fast and I was about to give up.

…a great product came along…

I was at a party one night and an acquaintance told me of a product called Provillus and I was asked to try it for the next six months. I was hesitant but after learning from a close friend that he was suffering from the same condition as mine a year ago I decided to try out Provillus for men…

…good thing is they were offering a 6-month package with a money back guarantee.

All I had to do was take the pills at a specified dosage for a few months and watch if it was effective. Since there were no creams to put on my scalp or liquid to drink not to mention their money back guarantee, so after reading some online Provillus reviews, I decided to buy Provillus and try it for a few months.

…it was working all that time!!!

It was already the 2nd month and I feel like I’m not getting the results I wanted. A friend of mine who last saw me before I started my medication came by to visit me one night and to my surprise, she noticed an improvement in my hair.

I was doubtful of her comment so I took a picture of me from before and compared it with a picture I took that night; to my surprise, it was working all that time!!! It has started to grow my hair back.

Because of the effects, I am seeing now, I got curious to know what Provillus was made of and why it worked for me when all the other products I have tried didn’t. I know it wasn’t the minoxidil alone because the other products I tried had minoxidil too but they didn’t work…

Provillus Ingredients Azelaic Acid and Minoxidil…

Provillus for women as well as Provillus for men contain a compound called Azelaic acid and when combined with the right amount of minoxidil it produces excellent results to stop hair loss and re-grow hair on the scalp.

It’s been a year now and I can’t believe how much hair I have grown. My friends are also surprised at how much better I look and how confident I am now compared to when I was a balding guy.

…and I’m not conscious anymore

Because of my renewed hair and confidence, I was able to find the girl of my dreams. Now I go to discos and clubs to enjoy the nightlife that I never experienced before. I feel better at work and I am not conscious anymore when someone looks at me. I really feel good about myself now!

If you are still reading this then I bet you are experiencing the same situation I was in before or maybe you know someone close to you that needs a little help with his or her hair loss problem. If so, check the Official Provillus site right now because they are running a promotion and are giving two months supply totally free, which is extraordinary.

Provillus Works Great for Both Men & Women

What I didn’t like about it at first is the fact that it takes its sweet time to re-grow your hair. But I have come to realize that I shouldn’t expect to see results right after using Provillus, besides, its better to see continued improvement over time than to see nothing at all.

…carries the approval of the FDA

Another issue with it is that it’s not readily available in your local drugstores or pharmacies. Good thing is that it is sold online, can be delivered anywhere and can be paid using a credit card. Plus, it is proven safe because it carries the approval of the FDA.

If you want to find out more about how you can start gaining your hair back and how to make your hair grow faster you should pay a visit to the official Provillus website. Did I say that they are actually giving two month supply for free? I’m not telling you to go and buy Provillus right away if you want just visit their site and grab more information.

It may be difficult to believe someone you don’t know talking about a product that you haven’t tried but trust me Provillus really works. You are at no risk at all because this product has a 6-months money back guarantee. I hope these Provillus reviews shed some lights in your life.



Provillus For Men & Provillus For Women

Provillus User: Richard M Amaro

Provillus is gaining in popularity for individuals seeking treatment for hair loss and thinning hair and Provillus is available in a formula geared specifically for men and one geared specifically for women.

In this review, I will outline the product’s scientific evidence so you will be in a position to make an intelligent determination regarding whether this is a product that might be beneficial and of interest to you.

I am always skeptical when it comes to products promising to help with my hair loss. I have always believed most of them were worthless. And, I was constantly turned off by those commercials starring the guy who claimed to be the company president as well as a product member that was about all I could stand.

It’s been about seven months since I began to use the system. And, as with any hair loss product, I have been sure to follow the directions to the letter. Every day I take two of the Provillus capsules and use the topical cream Provillus provides. I want just to point out that, the women’s formula is as effective as the men’s formula.

Was this the solution to my hair loss problem?

The topical cream developed by Provillus is advertised as a solution to hair loss on two fronts; it helps you keep the hair you have and generates new hair growth for both male and female.

There is no prescription required since Provillus is considered a holistic approach to hair loss. It is produced in the United States and the primary component is an extract of the herb, saw palmetto. Each capsule contains 750 mg and it is derived from the saw palmetto fruit.

Provillus contains high levels of fatty acids and phytosterols and both elements have been authorized for medicinal use in various situations. Fifteen mg of Zinc, five mg of Biotin and five mg of B6 are also included and combined with an herbal mixture that has been patented by the manufacturer, which consists mainly of seed and root oils.

My first few weeks on Provillus were rather unimpressive, but I knew beforehand that a few months could pass before I saw results, so I kept with it. And I’m glad I did. This is the first time I have actually noticed new hair growth taking place.


I did take the time to look at a number of Provillus reviews. Then I examined the information provided about the product and then I took it one step further. I reviewed their claims about how effective Provillus was and that it wasn’t simply one more ruse in a world full of schemes…

I also did my homework…

…I also did a little checking around, not only about Provillus but also to see if a friend or a friend of a friend had ever tried it.

It’s usually difficult to find someone you are close to that has actually used all these promising wonder cures. And, if you happen to get lucky and find one individual that has used the product it’s highly likely that their experience is nothing like the product’s claims and advertisements.

So, I just made the assumption that I wouldn’t run across somebody I knew that had any experience with Provillus. Much to my surprise, there were a number of co-workers that had personal experience with it or could actually refer me to one of their friends that used it.

Everyone I talked to gave me a glowing report and was extremely positive about the Provillus hair loss treatment program. Now, I was getting excited about it and couldn’t wait to start using it. I thought if their ability to stop hair loss, for men and women alike, could be supported I should give it a chance.

…so, although I don’t have any personal experience with the female version, I do have a great deal of experience with the male version of Provillus.

I was jumping up and down with excitement and just have to boast about how the Provillus hair loss program helped me. Truthfully, my hair stopped falling out and I can actually see new growth in spots that have been bald for a long time.

If you are in the same boat I was with bald spots and losing more hair every day then I ask you believe that my Provillus review is authentic and use it as a motivating factor for giving Provillus a try.

So if you are a woman who’s losing hair or are just simply trying to find out how to make hair grow fast, I think Provillus for women deserves a close look. And for those who don’t know where to buy Provillus, just see at the bottom of the post.

Ultra Herbal manufacturers Provillus and they have been doing business online since 2002. I checked with the Better Business Bureau for complaints and couldn’t find even one. If you are unhappy, they do have a money back guarantee for the first 90 days but do have a restocking charge of $10.

Where To Buy Provillus?

Provillus is advertised as a formula that that can discontinue hair loss due to its ability to block DHT or Dihydrotestosterone which is an active testosterone metabolite that is found in a number of places, including the hair follicles.

Provillus has a website with a number of endorsements that appear persuasive and the elements used in the product have a proven scientific background. But, there is a money back guarantee that should eliminate any and all concerns.

There was actually one disgruntled customer, but this particular customer did admit that he stopped using it before the six-month time frame that was suggested. So, I believe this is an invalid complaint and should be dismissed.

I really appreciate the time you took to take a look at my review, and I hope you find it helpful and gave you enough information to make an intelligent decision regarding your purchase of Provillus. And if you don’t know where to buy Provillus, just go to the link below to get to the official website.


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