Provillus Review


December 16, 2018


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Is Provillus The Solution To Hair Loss?


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Is This Highly Popular Hair Loss Product As Effective As Most People Say It Is?

Here is My Real Life-Changing Story: My name is Jeremy, I’m an active blogger and I write just about anything I could think of: fiction, real-life experiences, political ideas etc… Grammar and spelling mistakes are included for free =)

Jeremy - Provillus UserNow I wanted to write something about my hair loss problem but was afraid to share my experience until now, Understand that I don’t work for Provillus and I’m not affiliated with Provillus in any way, so here is my Provillus review

…it is about a hair loss problem I always had, so if you plan to buy Provillus, read on… The reason why I was hesitant to write about it before was that I didn’t want to share a piece of me and at the end to be laughed at; thank God Provillus changed that…

The Reason I decided to speak about Provillus

But because of the results that I am seeing after Provillus, I would like to share with you my own testimony, what happened to me and my hair and probably you could also benefit from my Provillus reviews…

Our hair defines our face and without it, some people feel incomplete or ashamed.

…It definitely changes how you are perceived by other people. People try lots of different products to keep their hair healthy and a significant majority of our population wage war against hair loss, but that was, obviously before Provillus…

And, just so you know, they have Provillus for women and Provillus for men each one using a similar, but a special formula…

Anyway, I was about 20 when it all started and when most guys of my age were living a carefree life, hanging out with their friends and girlfriends…

.My problem started when I was about 22, guys my age were enjoying their life meeting ladies and I was unable to do the same because of my receding hairline and thinning hair.

Social gatherings were a nightmare for me and finding a girl proved difficult because let’s admit it, girls wouldn’t go out with a balding guy like me.

Because of this, I spent a fortune searching for a solution to my hair loss problem. I tried pills, shampoo, and creams but to no avail. I was losing hair fast and I was about to give up.

…a great product came along…

I was at a party one night and an acquaintance told me of a product called Provillus and I was asked to try it for the next six months. I was hesitant but after learning from a close friend that he was suffering from the same condition as mine a year ago I decided to try out Provillus for men…

…good thing is they were offering a 6-month package with a money back guarantee.

All I had to do was take the pills at a specified dosage for a few months and watch if it was effective. Since there were no creams to put on my scalp or liquid to drink not to mention their money back guarantee, so after reading some online Provillus reviews, I decided to buy Provillus and try it for a few months.

…it was working all that time!!!

It was already the 2nd month and I feel like I’m not getting the results I wanted. A friend of mine who last saw me before I started my medication came by to visit me one night and to my surprise, she noticed an improvement in my hair.

I was doubtful of her comment so I took a picture of me from before and compared it with a picture I took that night; to my surprise, it was working all that time!!! It has started to grow my hair back.

Because of the effects, I am seeing now, I got curious to know what Provillus was made of and why it worked for me when all the other products I have tried didn’t. I know it wasn’t the minoxidil alone because the other products I tried had minoxidil too but they didn’t work…

Provillus Ingredients Azelaic Acid and Minoxidil…

Provillus for women as well as Provillus for men contain a compound called Azelaic acid and when combined with the right amount of minoxidil it produces excellent results to stop hair loss and re-grow hair on the scalp.

It’s been a year now and I can’t believe how much hair I have grown. My friends are also surprised at how much better I look and how confident I am now compared to when I was a balding guy.

…and I’m not conscious anymore

Because of my renewed hair and confidence, I was able to find the girl of my dreams. Now I go to discos and clubs to enjoy the nightlife that I never experienced before. I feel better at work and I am not conscious anymore when someone looks at me. I really feel good about myself now!

If you are still reading this then I bet you are experiencing the same situation I was in before or maybe you know someone close to you that needs a little help with his or her hair loss problem. If so, check the Official Provillus site right now because they are running a promotion and are giving two months supply totally free, which is extraordinary.

Provillus Works Great for Both Men & Women

What I didn’t like about it at first is the fact that it takes its sweet time to re-grow your hair. But I have come to realize that I shouldn’t expect to see results right after using Provillus, besides, its better to see continued improvement over time than to see nothing at all.

…carries the approval of the FDA

Another issue with it is that it’s not readily available in your local drugstores or pharmacies. Good thing is that it is sold online, can be delivered anywhere and can be paid using a credit card. Plus, it is proven safe because it carries the approval of the FDA.

If you want to find out more about how you can start gaining your hair back and how to make your hair grow faster you should pay a visit to the official Provillus website. Did I say that they are actually giving two month supply for free? I’m not telling you to go and buy Provillus right away if you want just visit their site and grab more information.

It may be difficult to believe someone you don’t know talking about a product that you haven’t tried but trust me Provillus really works. You are at no risk at all because this great product has a 6-month money back guarantee. I hope these Provillus reviews shed some lights in your life.



Provillus For Men & Provillus For Women

Provillus User: Richard M Amaro

Provillus is gaining in popularity for individuals seeking a treatment for hair loss and thinning hair and Provillus is available in a formula geared specifically for men and one geared specifically for women, so they have Provillus for women as well as Provillus for men.

In this review, I will outline the product’s scientific evidence so you will be in a position to make an intelligent determination regarding whether this is a product that might be beneficial and of interest to you.

I am always skeptical when it comes to products promising to help with my hair loss. I have always believed most of them were worthless. And, I was constantly turned off by those commercials starring the guy who claimed to be the company president as well as a product member that was about all I could stand.

It’s been about seven months since I began to use Provillus for men. And, as with any hair loss product, I have been sure to follow the directions to the letter. Every day I take two of the Provillus capsules and use the topical cream Provillus provides. I want just to point out that, Provillus for women is as effective as the men formula.

Was this the solution to my hair loss problem?

The topical cream developed by Provillus is advertised as a solution to hair loss on two fronts; it helps you keep the hair you have and generates new hair growth for both male and female.

There is no prescription required since Provillus is considered a holistic approach to hair loss. It is produced in the United States and the primary component is an extract of the herb, saw palmetto. Each capsule contains 750 mg and it is derived from the saw palmetto fruit.

Provillus contains high levels of fatty acids and phytosterols and both elements have been authorized for medicinal use in various situations. Fifteen mg of Zinc, five mg of Biotin and five mg of B6 are also included and combined with an herbal mixture that has been patented by the manufacturer, which consists mainly of seed and root oils.

My first few weeks on Provillus were rather unimpressive, but I knew beforehand that a few months could pass before I saw results, so I kept with it. And I’m glad I did. This is the first time I have actually noticed new hair growth taking place.


I did take the time to look at a number of Provillus reviews. Then I examined the information provided about the product and then I took it one step further. I reviewed their claims about how effective Provillus was and that it wasn’t simply one more ruse in a world full of schemes…

I also did my homework…

…I also did a little checking around, not only about Provillus but also to see if a friend or a friend of a friend had ever tried it.

It’s usually difficult to find someone you are close to that has actually used all these promising wonder cures. And, if you happen to get lucky and find one individual that has used the product it’s highly likely that their experience is nothing like the product’s claims and advertisements.

So, I just made the assumption that I wouldn’t run across somebody I knew that had any experience with Provillus. Much to my surprise, there were a number of co-workers that had personal experience with it or could actually refer me to one of their friends that used it.

Everyone I talked to gave me a glowing report and was extremely positive about the Provillus hair loss treatment program. Now, I was getting excited about it and couldn’t wait to start using it. I thought if their ability to stop hair loss, for men and women alike, could be supported I should give it a chance.

…so, although I don’t have any personal experience with the female version, I do have a great deal of experience with the male version of Provillus.

I was jumping up and down with excitement and just have to boast about how the Provillus hair loss program helped me. Truthfully, my hair stopped falling out and I can actually see new growth in spots that have been bald for a long time.

If you are in the same boat I was with bald spots and losing more hair every day then I ask you believe that my Provillus review is authentic and use it as a motivating factor for giving Provillus a try.

So if you are a woman who’s losing hair or are just simply trying to find out how to make hair grow fast, I think Provillus for women deserves a close look. And for those who don’t know where to buy Provillus, just see at the bottom of the post.

Ultra Herbal manufacturers Provillus and they have been doing business online since 2002. I checked with the Better Business Bureau for complaints and couldn’t find even one. If you are unhappy, they do have a money back guarantee for the first 90 days but do have a restocking charge of $10.

Where To Buy Provillus?

Provillus is advertised as a formula that that can discontinue hair loss due to its ability to block DHT or Dihydrotestosterone which is an active testosterone metabolite that is found in a number of places, including the hair follicles.

Provillus has a website with a number of endorsements that appear persuasive and the elements used in the product have a proven scientific background. But, there is a money back guarantee that should eliminate any and all concerns.

There was actually one disgruntled customer, but this particular customer did admit that he stopped using it before the six-month time frame that was suggested. So, I believe this is an invalid complaint and should be dismissed.

I really appreciate the time you took to take a look at my review, and I hope you find it helpful and gave you enough information to make an intelligent decision regarding your purchase of Provillus. And if you don’t know where to buy Provillus, just go to the link below to get to the official website.


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