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Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment: My Review

Provillus is a hair loss product that promises to restore beautiful hair onto that bald spot. It has become a popular hair loss treatment and continues to receive love from many users for a while now.

Unlike other hair loss treatments which are mostly topical, it comes in two forms, supplements and ointment. According to its manufacturers, using both would help to make hair growth faster and stronger.

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Provillus considers the hormones of both women and men. They knew that the hormones of each person varied and hair growth would largely depend on those hormones. This is why the manufacturers made two different supplements, one for men and Provillus for women.

How Safe is Provillus?

One thing that would be able to prove that Provillus is a safe product is that it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It consists of herbal ingredients which are carefully selected to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Both supplements contain biotin, magnesium and vitamin B6 as their main ingredients. The only difference is in the herbal ingredients. The supplements for men contain more herbal ingredients than the women’s since men are more prone to hair loss.


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What Ingredients are inside Provillus?

Both supplements for men and women contain vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 deficiency is one of the major causes of hair loss. Provillus made sure to include adequate amounts of the vitamin in their supplement.

Biotin is another major ingredient in the supplement. Biotin has long been known to promote hair growth. Most shampoos include biotin in their ingredients but it works best when it is taken orally.


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Deficiency in magnesium is also being debated as one of the causes of hair loss so it is also included in the ingredients of the product. Some amounts of zinc are also included in the supplements for men.

Provillus Herbal Ingredients

Other herbal ingredients like stinging nettle and horsetail silica ensure that the new grown hair will be healthy and strong. Stinging nettle helps to promote strong hair growth, prevents dandruff and makes hair shiny.

Provillus reviews has been receiving mixed reviews from its users. Some may say that they have seen amazing results. Others say that they saw little or no results at all. We cannot expect every product to work the same way it worked for others.

In that case, the product offers to give back your money after ninety days. That should be a good enough reason for you to try and test whether the product will work on you or not. Who knows? Maybe Provillus will have drastic effects on you.


Should You Buy Provillus

Should You Buy Provillus?

Provillus Reviews: Should You Buy Provillus For Your Hair Loss? Here’s The Answer

Provillus is a great product but don’t go buying it without reading this Provillus review. Our crowning glory is very important in defining our looks. It is a fair enough reason why people go crazy when they start losing their hair.

When people suffer from hair loss, they try even the most unbelievable remedy. Is Provillus just another one of those crazy remedies? Read this Provillus review and find out for yourself.


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What is Provillus?

Provillus is a hair loss treatment that is formulated for both women and men. Unlike the usual topical hair loss treatments, Provillus is taken orally. It also comes in two types, one for women and one for men.


Although Provillus has proven to be a good product, it has still been receiving mixed Provillus reviews from its users. This Provillus review will discuss the disadvantages and benefits of using Provillus.

Provillus Disadvantages

One reason why it has been receiving both positive and negative feedback is because of its effect. The effect of Provillus is not questionable but for some of its users they did not see any results as shown in any Provillus review.


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While we all want to have a head full of hair right away, Provillus may take a longer time to start producing effects. It also works differently per user. While some say they can see effects within a month, others have to wait for as long as four months to see effects.

While it has claims on not having side effects, there are reported issues like dizziness or excessive itchiness of scalp. Also take a careful look at the ingredients if you are allergic to any of it.

Provillus Benefits

If you compare it, taking Provillus supplements is a lot cheaper than undergoing a hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant can cost more than a thousand dollars. While Provillus for men is a surefire way to get hair back, not everyone can afford that kind of luxury.

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The main ingredients are natural and carefully selected to target hair loss. Aside from that, it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which makes it safer to take.

Since a man and a woman’s body function differently, Provillus made sure to make supplements individually for women and men.  Both are specially formulated to target the different hormones and promote hair growth.

If those benefits do not convince you, then maybe the last point in this Provillus review will. Provillus will give back your money after 90 days if it does not work. Aside from being affordable, Provillus also has faith in their product, enough to give you a guarantee.